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Graham's Weather Station Allenton Ashburton New Zealand

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Basic Forcast                   %vpforecasttext%                       Metric Conversion Tables (Rainfall and Temperature)

Last reading  %time%     Date %date%

Max Wind Speed Today 
%maxgst%    %maxgstdirectionletter%    @ %maxgstt% (%maxdailygustinmph%mph)

Yesterday's max Wind speed
%maxgustyest%   @   %maxgustyestt% 

Maximum  gust for month
%monthtodatemaxgust% kmh on %mrecordhighgustday%/%mrecordhighgustmonth%

Record Wind since 12/2006 
%recordwindgust%kmh  %recordhighgustday%/%recordhighgustmonth%/%recordhighgustyear%

Yesterday's Wind Run
%windrunyesterday% km

Humidity    %hum%%
Currant Weather   %weathercond%

Today's High Humidity
%highhum% % @ %highhumt%
Today's Low Humidity
%lowhum% %@%lowhumt%
Yesterday's High Humidity
%maxhumyest%%@ %maxhumyestt%
Yesterday's Low Humidity
%minhumyest% %@ %minhumyestt%

Currant Grass/Frost

Currant Air Temperature 
%temp%  (%tempinusa%

Today's Max AirTempt.
%maxtempmetric% @ %maxtempt% (%hightempinusa%)

Today's Min AirTempt.
%mintempmetric% @ %mintempt%  (%lowtempinusa%)

Minimum Air Tempt. over last week 
%mintempweek% C  (%mintempweekday%)

Record low Air Tempt. 
since 12/2006 
%recordlowtemp% C On  %recordlowtempday%/%recordlowtempmonth%/%recordlowtempyear%

Today's Min.Grass/Frost Tempt.

Min. Windchill
%minwindch% @ %minwindcht%

Yesterday's max Air Tempt. 
%maxtempyest%   (%maxtempyestt%)

Yesterday's min Air Tempt.
  %mintempyest%   (%mintempyestt%)

Max AirTempt over last week
%maxtempweek% C  (%maxtempweekday%)

Record high Air Tempt. since 12/2006 
%recordhightemp%C   On %recordhightempday%/%recordhightempmonth%/%recordhightempyear%

Yesterday's Min Grass/Frost

Today's Rainfall (since midnight)
%dayrn%    (%dayrnusa%)
Recorded @ %timeoflastrain%

Storm rain start %vpstormrainstart%
This Duration %rainduration% Mins
Total Storm 

Rainfall (last hour)
%rainlasthourmm%mm    (%hourrnusa%)

Yesterdays Rainfall
%yesterdayrain% (%ystdyrainusa% in)

Last Seven Days Rain 
%raincurrentweek% mm

Record  Min. Grass/Frost Tempt. since 05/2011

       Annual Rainfall
2007 - 487.3 mm (19.49in)
2008 - 786.1 mm (31.44in)
2009 - 644.8 mm (25.3in)
2010 - 761.8 mm (30.12in)
2011 -
770.5 mm (30.34 in)
2012 - 799.1 mm (31.46 in)

Rainfall This month 
%monthrn% (%monthrnusa%)

(Today's Rain doesn't show in these days)

(Today's Rain doesn't show in these days)

(Today's Rain doesn't show in these days) %rainonwedensday%mm

(Today's Rain doesn't show in these days)

Rainfall To date this year  
%yearrn%     (%yearrnusa%)

(Today's Rain doesn't show in these days)

(Today's Rain doesn't show in these days)

(Today's Rain doesn't show in these days)

Record consecutive days with no rain   (%recorddaysnorain%)   Recorded on %recorddaysnorainday%/%recorddaysnorainmonth%/%recorddaysnorainyear%

Sun Rise / Sunset   
/ %sunset%

Rain to date last year %raintodateyearago%mm Rained on ( %dayswithrain% ) Days this Month Rained on ( %dayswithrainyear% ) Days this Year  Consecutative days with no rain  (%dayswithnorain%) Wettest current month on record   %wettestcurrmonth%
Barometer corrected to msl 
Baro. Trend (last hour) 
Today's Barometer High/Low
%highbaro%  @ %highbarot%
%lowbaro%  @  %lowbarot%
Yesterday's Baro. High/Low
H  %maxbaroyest% @ %maxbaroyestt%
 %minbaroyest% @
Pressure change last hour  
Pressure change (last 6 hours)   
Pressure change (last 12 hours) 
Record Barometer
H  %recordhighbaro%  on  %recordhighbaroday%/%recordhighbaromonth%/%recordhighbaroyear%
L   %recordlowbaro%  on  %recordlowbaroday%/%recordlowbaromonth%/%recordlowbaroyear%
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